• Rick Blum and Jake Perazzone Earn Patent for Secure Communications Invention in Collaboration with Army Researchers
    In August, the CCDC Army Research Laboratory announced that a team of Army and Lehigh researchers received a patent for a secure communications invention.
  • John Fox Receives Funding from DOE for Emission Reduction Technology Research
    The project is in partnership with IIT
  • ERC Receives Two Funding Awards from the DOE
    These projects will forward I-CPIE’s research thrusts in energy storage and the energy-water nexus.
  • I-CPIE Team Led by Alberto J. Lamadrid L. Awarded $2.5M from ARPA-E
    The team will develop a framework for asset and system risk management for electricity system operations.
  • I-CPIE Team Led by Muhannad Suleiman Receives Funding from DOE
    Principal Investigator Muhannad Suleiman, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, will collaborate with a team of researchers from Structural Engineering and Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics.
I-CPIE is developing and promoting a community of successful interdisciplinary research teams working in the area of cyber physical infrastructure and energy systems, which are the interdependent and increasingly adaptive systems that underpin all aspects of our society and economy.

I-CPIE in the News

In August, the CCDC Army Research Laboratory announced that a team of Army and Lehigh researchers received a patent for a secure communications invention.
John Fox is collaborating with the Illinois Institute of Technology to increase the beneficial use of freshly produced and weathered fly ash as a supplementary cementitious material for cost-effective, state-of-the-art precast concrete applications.

Upcoming Inclusion and Equity Events

  • ERAC Book Club-Make Your Home Among Strangers
    • ERAC Book Club--Make Your Home Among Strangers
      • Knowledge @ Noon
      • Thursday August 27, 2020
      • Time: 12:00-1:00 PM
      • Via Zoom
    • Join ERAC for the first meeting of our Book Club! Our first selection is the LU Summer Reading book Make Your Home Among Strangers by Jennine Capo Crucet. The Summer Reading program gives Lehigh Class of 2024 a common discussion theme with fellow students, faculty and staff as they come to us to make a home away from home. Come together with fellow staff members to discuss themes that will be meaningful today and beyond as we begin to navigate what will prove to be an unusual Fall semester in so many ways.
    • Sign up via the PageUp Learning Library (log-in required). For a complimentary e-book code, please contact Christine Lake at cel315@lehigh.edu after your registration for the session. (Codes are limited, first come first served, so sign up early!)
    • About the book: When Lizet-the daughter of Cuban immigrants and the first in her family to graduate from high school-secretly applies and is accepted to an ultra-elite college, her parents are furious at her decision to leave Miami. Just weeks before she's set to start school, her parents divorce and her father sells her childhood home, leaving Lizet, her mother, and Leidy-Lizet's older sister, a brand-new single mom-without a steady income and scrambling for a place to live. Amidst this turmoil, Lizet begins her first semester at Rawlings College, distracted by both the exciting and difficult moments of freshman year. But the privileged world of the campus feels utterly foreign, as does her new awareness of herself as a minority. Pulled between life at college and the needs of those she loves, Lizet is faced with difficult decisions that will change her life forever. Urgent and mordantly funny, Make Your Home Among Strangers tells the moving story of a young woman torn between generational, cultural, and political forces; it's the new story of what it means to be American today.


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