• I-CPIE faculty Alberto Lamadrid (left), I-CPIE Associate Director Shalinee Kishore (center) and Lehigh’s Western Regional Office Director Wendy Fong (right) at the 2019 Innovation and Impact Symposium in San Leandro, CA. (Prospect Silicon Valley photo by Ross Marlowe from Eversnap).
    I-CPIE Attends Prospect Silicon Valley’s 2019 Innovation and Impact Symposium
    Alberto Lamadrid (left), Shalinee Kishore (center) and Wendy Fong (right) at the Symposium in San Leandro, CA.
  • Illustration of a smart city
    Convergence by Design
    I-CPIE was featured in the first volume of the 2019 Resolve Magazine.
  • Dr. Shalinee Kishore, Pitts Dr. Gregory Reed, Dr. Richard Sause, and Dr. Liang Cheng pose for a picture after Dr. Reeds seminar
    Dr. Gregory Reed (second from the left) gave a Horizons Distinguished Seminar on the future of energy on April 10th.
  • Image showing the connectivity of smart grids. Earth with connections and binary code in the background.
    Girding the Grid
    I-CPIE members are featured in this article about cybersecurity and the internet of things.
I-CPIE is developing and promoting a community of successful interdisciplinary research teams working in the area of cyber physical infrastructure and energy systems, which are the interdependent and increasingly adaptive systems that underpin all aspects of our society and economy.

I-CPIE in the News

Romero co-edited the book with Youngsheng Zhang, Dr. Tao Wang, and Wei-Ping Pan, professors at North China Electric Power University’s School of Energy, Power and Mechanical Engineering.
Frangopol co-authored the book with Sunyong Kim, Lehigh alumnus and Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Wonkwang University, South Korea.
The 2019 Mountaintop program supported 26 projects involving 70+ students and 30+ faculty from across Lehigh University. Several faculty from I-CPIE served as mentors to 2019 Mountaintop projects this year.
Faculty Opportunities