• Lehigh University Research Team Led by Muhannad Suleiman Awarded $1 Million to Investigate Floating Offshore Wind
  • Meet Cláudia Reis, New I-CPIE Faculty Member
    Lisbon native Reis started as assistant professor at Lehigh University in January. We spoke to her just after graduation weekend in May.
  • Lehigh’s Center for Catastrophe Modeling and Resilience Receives NSF Planning Grant
    The grant will strengthen Lehigh’s Center for Catastrophe Modeling and Resilience as a nationally recognized research center
  • Turning to Timber for Innovation in Earthquake-Resilient Structures
    A Lehigh team advances the integration of sustainability and resilience
  • Lehigh team implements NST NRT graduate program
    New graduate program will train students in energy equity
  • I-CPIE Team Wins NRT Award
    Professor Arindam Banerjee will lead the team that will provide graduate students with the skills needed to pioneer solutions toward an equitable, decarbonized energy future.
  • NSF Awards $6M to Lehigh to Speed Up Translation of Research Into Actual Use
    The new Accelerating Research Translation (ART) program addresses the gap between academic research and practical solutions for society’s complex problems.
  • Energy Research Center (ERC) and Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) Develop Thermal Desorption Concept to Remove Harmful Contaminants
    Pilot-scale Spouted bed Reactor Fabricated by ACT, Installed at the ERC.
  • Lehigh Partners in Atlantic Marine Energy Center Funded by $9.7M DOE Award
    University-led consortium supports research, development, testing and public engagement to advance marine renewable energy (MRE)
  • A Cool (Temperature)Take on Direct Air Carbon Capture
    With continued DOE support, Lehigh University and Advanced Cooling Technologies tackle the next phase of developing technology that extracts CO2 at ambient temperature and could tap into industrial waste heat or geothermal energy to power the process.
I-CPIE is developing and promoting a community of successful interdisciplinary research teams working in the area of cyber physical infrastructure and energy systems, which are the interdependent and increasingly adaptive systems that underpin all aspects of our society and economy.

I-CPIE in the News

The study will involve turbine platform movement, energy production efficiencies, bio-inspired designs, and real-time hybrid testing in an effort to enhance the performance of the structure and maximize wind energy production
The Lehigh University-based team will use machine-learning enhanced spectroscopy to advance the use of a range of feedstocks as a means of clean hydrogen production.
Vassie Ware and Neal Simon lead a summer program at Lehigh University that gives undergraduates the opportunity to pursue their own research projects
I-CPIE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan

Upcoming Inclusion and Equity Events


LU - Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Training

  • The EVERFI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion online training course (sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs & the Health Advancement and Prevention Strategies office) covers identity & selfhood, imposter syndrome, identity transitions, power & privilege, oppression bias & unconscious bias, respect and allyship, and self care.

  • In this online diversity and inclusion training, participants will:

    • Learn about key concepts related to identity, bias, power, privilege and oppression

    • Understand the benefits of being part of a diverse community

    • Develop skills related to ally behavior, self-care, and creating inclusive spaces.

  • This training is self-paced, and takes about one hour to complete.

  • Upon successful completion of the EVERFI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) will provide two follow up sessions:

    • Antiracism 101:  The Foundations of Antiracism

      • This workshop will explore the basic concepts and principles of Antiracism.  Workshop participants will engage in meaningful conversations about the construction of race and racism and what it means to become antiracist.

    • Antiracism 102:  The Antiracist Action Plan

      • This workshop will allow participants to develop concrete strategies for confronting racism and white supremacy.  Workshop participants will engage in the development of an Antiracist action plan that will allow participants to create commitments for change in all aspects of their daily lives. 

  • Click above title for information on how to sign up.  


Faculty Opportunities