• I-CPIE Team Led by Alberto J. Lamadrid L. Awarded $2.5M from ARPA-E
    The team will develop a framework for asset and system risk management for electricity system operations.
  • DOE Awards UNCC-Lehigh Team Funding
    The project, Improvement of Coal Power Plant Dry Cooling Technology through Application of Cold Thermal Energy Storage, will receive $1.5M in funding.
  • I-CPIE Director Richard Sause is Featured in Spring 2020 Bulletin
  • OSIsoft, LLC Hosts Lehigh Students for Externship Experience
    Each year, Lehigh University students travel to the San Francisco Bay Area to be immersed in Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • I-CPIE Team Led by Muhannad Suleiman Receives Funding from DOE
    Principal Investigator Muhannad Suleiman, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, will collaborate with a team of researchers from Structural Engineering and Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics.
I-CPIE is developing and promoting a community of successful interdisciplinary research teams working in the area of cyber physical infrastructure and energy systems, which are the interdependent and increasingly adaptive systems that underpin all aspects of our society and economy.

I-CPIE in the News

Frangopol is regarded as a worldwide authority on life-cycle engineering, structural reliability, and optimization.
I-CPIE faculty member Dominic Packer's research mentioned in this article on tips on how to get each other to wear masks, wash our hands, and keep distance.
The NHERI Lehigh Experimental Facility, as part of the NSF funded Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI) site, was established in 2016 as an open-access facility.
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