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Lehigh University has several state-of-the-art research facilities where our faculty work on CPIE projects.


Lehigh University’s Advanced Technology for Large Structural Systems (ATLSS) Engineering Research Cente houses a portfolio of equipment that supports the research and educational efforts of the Centers faculty, staff, and students, including: 


The Energy Research Center laboratory space includes:

  • a fully equipped mercury research laboratory with test rigs for dry sorbent injection and catalyst testing  

  • laboratory-scale fluidized bed models with AGET FT40-SP fabric filter

  • a coal flow loop for two-phase flow studies and a particle-seeded gas test apparatus equipped with two 650 scfm Ingersoll-Rand SSR-XF125 compressors/Airtek SC-1200 refrigerated air dryer

  • a Photon System MC-1000 reactor for algae culturing

  • a Lindberg TGA furnace, a Sentro Tech STT-1200C tube furnace

  • a laboratory for thermal energy storage research  

  • workstations and computers with access to related licensed industry-standard modeling and analysis software packages  


The Smart Microgrid and Renewable Technology (SMRT) lab is a power converter based microgrid testbed. The facility consists of four types of subsystems:

  • two real-time simulators (RTS) 

  • two microgrid testbeds 

  • two modular multilevel converters (MMCs)

  • and one multi-agent system (MAS) 

Turbulent Flow Lab

The Turbulent Flow laboratory is home to a water tunnel facility that is used for laboratory scale testing of renewable energy systems. Turbulence generation techniques using enhanced Makita type active grids have been developed in the laboratory to introduce enhanced levels of tunable free stream turbulence, gradients of velocity and turbulence kinetic energy Turbulence intensity in the range 2-25% can be obtained using these protocols. A maximum velocity of 1.1 m/s can be obtained.