Energy, Power and Resources Technologies

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Research on Energy, Power, and Resources Technologies addresses the ongoing fundamental changes in energy supply and energy systems, changing the way electric power is generated, distributed, and stored. This research recognizes the importance of maintaining efficient, reliable, and flexible electric power generation systems by optimizing current technologies, while working toward a sustainable energy future. Energy, Power and Resources Technologies research focuses on innovative energy- and power-related systems and technologies, and de-carbonization across power generation and energy-intensive industry sectors. Current areas of research include:

  • Cost-effective capture and use of carbon-dioxide and integration of carbon-capture systems with fossil power generation assets 
  • Energy vectors and storage to realize the full potential of energy resources, particularly heat, and its transport and storage 
  • Novel cyber-physical software and sensors for optimizing efficiency in energy systems
  • Hybridization of fossil energy systems with renewable energy systems
  • Non-energy applications of coal focusing on utilization of carbon in emerging industries and technologies