Energy Research Center Labs

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The Energy Research Center (ERC) maintains office and laboratory space in the IMBT Laboratories at the Lehigh University's Mountaintop Campus.  The ERC laboratory space includes four laboratories equipped with an array of test apparatuses, equipment and instrumentation.  Laboratories include a fully equipped mercury research laboratory with test rigs for dry sorbent injection and catalyst testing.  Mercury instrumentation includes a LECO AMA 254 solid sample mercury analyzer, a PSA Analytical Sir Galahad gas phase mercury analyzer with speciation/CAVKIT calibration system, and an Ohio Lumex RA 915 analyzer with the PYRO 915 and RP-92 attachment for mercury analysis of gaseous, sludge, solid and sorbent trap samples.

  • Top view of the ERC lab
  • Large lab space with cinderblock walls
  • Large lab space with tubes coming down from the ceiling
  • Stark large lab space

Other facilities include laboratory-scale fluidized bed models with AGET FT40-SP fabric filter, a coal flow loop for two-phase flow studies and a particle-seeded gas test apparatus equipped with two 650 scfm Ingersoll-Rand SSR-XF125 compressors/Airtek SC-1200 refrigerated air dryer, a Photon System MC-1000 reactor for algae culturing, a Lindberg TGA furnace, a Sentro Tech STT-1200C tube furnace; and a laboratory for thermal energy storage research, equipped with kilns and cycling apparatus, programmable Poly Science water baths and chillers, a Hewlett Packard gas chromatograph 5890 Series II with Tekmar 3000 trap concentrator and a Perkin Elmer Optima 4300 DV ICP-OES.  The Energy Research Center is also equipped with workstations and computers with access to related licensed industry-standard modeling and analysis software packages.  These software capabilities include the ANSYS Fluent flow modeling simulation software, Aspen Plus for chemical process simulation, CHEMKIN PRO for chemical kinetics modeling, and a suite of other advanced computer packages for statistical analysis, artificial intelligence modeling and for on-line software development and interfacing with plant data acquisition systems.