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Founded in 1978, the Lehigh University’s Energy Research Center (ERC) is well-branded in the power generation industry.  The mission of the ERC is to find solutions to national and global energy and energy-related problems by collaborating with federal, state and local agencies, energy businesses, technology developers and suppliers, the research community and academic institutions.  The ERC accomplishes this mission through its continued commitment to innovative research, energy technologies development and student training, while recognizing the important link between energy and the environment.

A fundamental shift is underway in energy, changing the way power is generated, distributed and stored.  The ERC recognizes the importance of supporting efficient and reliable power generation, while working toward a sustainable energy future.  In response to these changes, recent and current work at the Center focuses on pressing issues to society, such as decarbonization and transformation to zero-carbon energy, competitive and reliable renewable energy supply and improving the water-energy nexus.  Energy research is multi-disciplinary, spanning, engineering and science.  The ERC brings together faculty and professional staff within Lehigh University to conduct research utilizing Lehigh’s facilities, foster partnerships between government and industry, provide funding, research and educational opportunities to university graduate and undergraduate students, disseminate technical information and results, and promote international collaboration.

Areas of Research:

  • Energy Conversion and Power Generation
  • Energy-Related Environmental Research and Decarbornization
  • Energy-Related Materials Research 
  • Water-Energy Nexus
  • Renewable Energy
  • Cross-Cutting Technologies

For more information about the center, please visit their website.

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