Smart Infrastructure for Connected Communities

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Research on Smart Infrastructure for Connected Communities aims to develop tools and platforms to generate, collect and synthesize data from and related to infrastructure that is then used to improve the functionality and performance of services in connected communities. 

This research is motivated by a few factors: the percentage of the world population that lives in urban environments is increasing, and the trend will continue for the next few decades; the aging infrastructure is an urgent and growing societal need for many urban centers; and the explosion of data that is generated through dedicated sensing systems, as well as crowdsensing, provides opportunities for an adaptive cyber-physical-human (CPH) approach in which the condition and operational status of infrastructure is used to make decisions for allocating resources in an optimal way. 

Example research areas include:

  • Electrification of public transit systems
  • Monitoring and management of physical infrastructure
  • Interoperable sensing and communication platforms for data integration
  • City-scale energy and water systems
teal cyber image of a city