Sustainable, Resilient Energy Delivery

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Research on Networks for Sustainable, Resilient Energy Delivery takes a “network of networks” approach, focusing on the interdependent flows of energy, information, and money, both within and across energy delivery systems (EDS). We seek to develop secure, resilient, and efficient cyber and market solutions that span multiple EDS.

We draw upon expertise in the application domain (e.g., power grid, electricity markets, a variety of renewable generation systems, natural gas and oil delivery systems, energy storage systems) as well as the methodologies for enabling interdependent network solutions (e.g., network science, optimization, data and information science, cyber security, modeling, simulation, resilience engineering, etc).

Current areas of research include:

  • Microgrid design, control, and operation
  • Integration between natural gas delivery networks and power grids
  • Demand-response systems
  • Cybersecurity for energy delivery