Cybersecurity for Energy and Infrastructure

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Research on Cybersecurity for Energy, Infrastructures and IoT Systems focuses on one of the most important problems facing the digitally-connected world. New cybersecurity methods are needed to enable the secure use of distributed sensor data to reconfigure and modify the control of various cyber-physical systems (CPS) without introducing unacceptable latency that could produce instability. These CPS-specific methods can be combined with traditional cybersecurity methods to produce multiple layers of protection.

As part of DoE’s Secure Evolvable Energy Delivery Systems (SEEDs) multi-university center on cybersecurity, we test our cybersecurity technology under realistic conditions in laboratories and existing in-service facilities.

Research in critical application areas includes:

  • Electric power generation, transmission, and distribution systems
  • Natural gas and gas-electric networks
  • Smart building controls
  • Smart cities
  • Self-driving automobiles and drones 
  • Infrastructure monitoring systems
  • Internet of Things systems
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