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If your dream summer includes truly immersing yourself in researching a STEM-related topic, here’s your chance: Apply now to Lehigh University’s STEM Summer Institute (STEM-SI) research experience. The 10-week program, now in its fourth year, includes a variety of STEM research opportunities, plus academic- and industry-based technical seminars, professional development workshops, group networking activities, and mentoring from faculty members, all designed to help you learn about the breadth of STEM topics and careers. The program culminates in a Research Day poster session, during which you can share your research alongside students from other Lehigh summer programs, as well as with visitors from industry and the community.

STEM-SI’s goal is to prepare participating students to hold leadership roles in STEM careers that find solutions to society’s increasingly complex problems. Participating in STEM-SI will help you accelerate your research capabilities and hone your communication skills, crucial to working in a research group and explaining the importance of your project to non-STEM stakeholders.

Last year’s STEM-SI researchers worked on projects such as lab-grown tissue scaffolding, machine-learning applications for renewable energy, testing of cementitious materials, and the dynamics of fish schooling, amongst many other individual and team projects. Faculty seminars introduced students to microgrids, humanitarian aid, robotics, and more.

“STEM-SI is a unique opportunity for the best and brightest undergraduates from Lehigh University, along with other universities and colleges from across the United States, to experience the challenging world of research at Lehigh University in high-impact technical disciplines. Gaining such experiences and exposure is invaluable as these students learn how to apply their academic studies as part of a unique network of undergraduate researchers across campus,” says Dr. Chad Kusko, Director of Operations for the Institute for Cyber Physical Infrastructure and Energy.

Details: You’ll be paid a stipend, and housing and dining services are available. STEM-SI is open to undergraduates at Lehigh or any other school in all fields of engineering, the natural sciences, or STEM-related health fields. The program runs from May 29 to August 2. STEM-SI is very interested in applications from members of underrepresented groups.

Applications are due February 9, 2024.

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