In Memoriam: Peter Bryan

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We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Peter Bryan, our friend and colleague, on the 10th of November. For 32 years, Peter was a beloved member of our staff at the ATLSS Engineering Research Center at Lehigh University. He was also a close friend, as well as alumnus, of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Peter had a multitude of friends and acquaintances across the Lehigh campus, and across the Lehigh Valley.

Peter was a tremendously caring, helpful, and thoughtful person who helped us to succeed in work and in life. He was always willing to help. Kindness and generosity were at his core. We miss him greatly.

If you would like to share your prayers and thoughts, remembrances, and photos of Peter, we have set up a page to collectively record and share our affection for this remarkable person who gave so much to others:

If you would like to read The Spot article remembering Peter, you can find it here: