Richard Sause and Chad Kusko on steering committee for 2019 TAIM Conference

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Richard Sause, I-CPIE Director, and Chad Kusko, I-CPIE Director of Operations, have been named to the steering committee for the inaugural CIAMTIS U.S. DOT Region 3 University Transportation Center 2019 Transportation Asset and Infrastructure Management (TAIM) Conference scheduled for October 28-29, 2019 at The Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center at Penn State University. 

The conference, presented by the Center for Integrated Asset Management for Multimodal Transportation Infrastructure Systems (CIAMTIS), will provide state agencies and industry partners with updates about the latest CIAMTIS research in the areas of

  1. Application of innovative materials and technologies,
  2. Condition assessment and health monitoring, and
  3. Infrastructure management and innovative financing.

More about the conference here.