Shalinee Kishore and Alberto Lamadrid attend the 2019 Innovation and Impact Symposium

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I-CPIE faculty Alberto Lamadrid (left), I-CPIE Associate Director Shalinee Kishore (center) and Wendy Fong (right), Director of Industry Engagement for Lehigh’s Western Regional Office at the 2019 Innovation and Impact Symposium in San Leandro, CA. (Prospect Silicon Valley photo by Ross Marlowe from Eversnap).
Leadership and faculty from Lehigh’s Institute for Cyber Physical Infrastructure & Energy (I-CPIE) recently traveled to San Leandro, CA to attend Prospect Silicon Valley’s 2019 Innovation and Impact Symposium. While at the symposium, Shalinee Kishore, I-CPIE Associate Director and Iaccoca Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Alberto Lamadrid, Associate Professor of Economics and Industrial and Systems Engineering, participated in discussions about emerging technologies in advanced mobility, energy, and the built environment. They were joined by Wendy Fong, Director of Lehigh’s Western Regional Office.
Kishore and Lamadrid are members of a multidisciplinary research team that explores electrification of vehicle fleets through I-CPIE’s Sustainable, Resilient Energy Delivery research thrust.
Reflecting on the symposium, Kishore noted that, “Innovations in transportation like electrification, automation, and public-private system interactions have started to transform how people and transportation planners think about mobility and how they power their vehicles. After hearing about the complex technical, social and policy connections, it is clear that I-CPIE faculty research can play a key role in facilitating this transformation.”
Prospect Silicon Valley is a member of I-CPIE’s External Advisory Council.