I-CPIE & ESE Exhibit at the EPRI Electrification Virtual Summit with VTA & OSIsoft

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In October, I-CPIE and the Energy Systems Engineering (ESE) Institute partnered with the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and OSIsoft, LLC to participate in the Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI’s) Electrification Virtual Summit. The Lehigh University exhibitor booth showcased each organization, as well as the partnerships that Lehigh shares with OSIsoft and the VTA.

OSIsoft is a manufacturer of application software for real-time data management, called the PI System. As a member of I-CPIE’s External Advisory Council, OSIsoft helps shape I-CPIE’s priorities and activities. OSIsoft also partners with ESE to sponsor student projects, which are intended as collaborative and intensive study with an emphasis on direct industrial application. These partnerships are just a few of the many initiatives that Lehigh and OSIsoft work on together. For example, in 2018, OSIsoft worked with Lehigh’s Baker Institute to pilot an immersive externship experience for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The VTA provides sustainable, accessible, community-focused transportation options in the Santa Clara Valley. VTA is a member of I-CPIE’s External Advisory Council and is working with I-CPIE researchers to implement concepts like adaptive microgrids, data-driven energy and transit management, resilient operations, and fleet routing design. Shalinee Kishore, Iacocca Chair Professor and Associate Director of I-CPIE, speaking to the Lehigh-VTA collaboration noted, “Lehigh’s collaboration with VTA is a great example of how I-CPIE works to solve societal level problems by engaging with stakeholders and the EPRI summit was an opportunity to showcase how we are addressing transit electrification.”

The summit convened manufacturers, policymakers, academics, professionals, utilities, and the R&D community to discuss efficiently electrifying the end use of energy. In the virtual exhibit hall, Lehigh was among 25 other exhibitors. Participants had an opportunity to attend webinars, engage in extended networking and interactive sessions, and participate in educational and informational exchanges. The virtual summit was organized after the annual in-person summit, planned for March 2020, was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

EPRI is also a member of I-CPIE’s External Advisory Council and, like OSIsoft, sponsors ESE capstone projects. Reflecting on the summit, Rudy Shankar, director of the ESE program and a member of I-CPIE, said, “we are fortunate that EPRI is providing thought leadership in the solutions for global climate change.” Further, in sponsoring capstone projects, Shankar expressed his appreciation for EPRI’s dedication in sponsoring capstone projects and participating with the ESE program to develop a world-class workforce for the energy industry.

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