Mechanical Testing Laboratory

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Capable of standard mechanical property tests of metallic, cementitious and composite construction materials. Features 267 kN and 2668 kN universal testing machines, and Charpy V-Notch fracture toughness testing machine. The Mechanical Testing Laboratory also operates a 220kN MTS dynamic universal test machine that has +/-150 mm stoke and is ideal for cyclic load and characterization testing of dampers and other rate-dependent devices and materials.

The other equipment that could be used for static testing is a 600K Satec Machine. It has a capacity of 600 kips in compression and tension. The ranges are full capacity, ¼ capacity, 1/16 capacity and 1/32 capacity, with compression opening is 139” tall and 30” wide. The test speeds is 0-3 inches per minute. The machine stroke is 12”.