Laboratory of Advanced Integrated Technology for Intelligent Structures (LAITIS)

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The LAITIS laboratory is equipped with advanced wired and wireless sensors, portable and stationary data acquisition systems, and hardware and software for developing and testing prototype integrated sensing platforms for laboratory small- and large-scale, and field testing. 

The lab has an inventory of Mica and iMote2 motes (for wireless control and communication of sensing networks), SHM-A and SHM-H sensor boards (wireless high sensitivity accelerometers), and several wired sensing systems (50 Silicon Design 1221L MEMS accelerometers; 30 PCB Piezoelectric Accelerometers; several types of strain gauges, Linear Variable Differential Transformer or LVDT, etc.) as part of the shared inventory with ATLSS. The wireless sensor nodes include filtering, digitization and storage units. Two portable Data Acquisition systems are also available in the lab: a portable DIGITEXX PDAQ 16-channel high speed data acquisition system, and Campbell Scientific CR9000X datalogger with up to 54 filtered input channels. The laboratory also houses electronic equipments for design, development and testing of sensing units (high speed digital scope, system analyzer, digital recorder, power supply and signal generator), calibration of the prototype boards (rotary tilt table and controller, high precision shaking table) as well as scaled model structures for testing the prototype systems (steel truss, model 5- and 7-story shear frame, two-bay scaled steel frame, etc.).